Who is Sora?

Sora Foods is a proudly Canadian-owned distribution company, fostering strong partnerships with our esteemed manufacturing allies and a network of internal and affiliated sales offices serving prominent retailers nationwide. 

At Sora Foods, we empower manufacturers from across the globe with comprehensive solutions to penetrate and thrive in the Canadian market. From facilitating product launches to ensuring seamless sales and distribution across Canada, we offer turnkey services tailored to your needs.  

As the vendor of record for the major Canadian retailers, we specialize in consolidating products and distributing them to the major distribution centres on a weekly basis. Our efficient distribution and unique sales model will demonstrate to suppliers that Sora Foods is the preferred solution for getting their frozen food products sold and shipped across Canada. 

Our sales team and/or associated sales brokers offer invaluable market insights and intelligence, helping manufacturers identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes within Canada. With our extensive experience working alongside major retailers across the country, we provide valuable feedback and guidance on product concepts and features that resonate with Canadian consumers.

A Geography Snapshot of Canada

Although Canada's the second largest country geographically, the population distribution of Canada is characterized by a concentration of people in urban areas, particularly in the southern regions close to the United States border, while vast northern territories remain sparsely populated due to harsh climates and limited accessibility. Its vast geographic length stretches over roughly 4,634 kilometers (2,879 miles) from coast to coast.

Most Canadians live in cities, around 80%. Canada has approximately 38 million citizens. Toronto has the most at over 6 million, followed by Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, each with at least 1 million. The urban areas are economic hubs offering jobs, amenities and infrastructure. Northern Canada has a sparse population because of harsh weather and lack of development.

Ready To Elevate Your Presence In The Canadian Retail Marketplace?

At Sora, our manufacturing partners are big fish in a small pond. Personalized attention is our priority. Experience the dedicated service and quality that only Sora Foods can offer.


Leveraging a professional and knowledgeable team with many years of combined experience managing all facets of food sales and distribution.


Unprecedented responsiveness to the needs of our suppliers and customers, driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.


As the vendor of record, we simplify the supply chain process. We handle all aspects including sales, forecasting, inventory replenishment, storage, and distribution to all the major retailers across Canada.

Sora Foods ensures all loads are handled with the utmost care and attention from the supplier all the way to the product's final destination