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To our neighbors from the USA, working with Sora Foods grants manufacturers on an FOB your back door easy access turnkey solution to the Canadian market.

1. Product Is Picked Up From Your Facility

Sora Foods will come and pick up your product directly from your manufacturing facility on a full load basis.

2. Canadian Customs And Product Clearing

As a certified CFIA importer of record, you can be assured that your manufactured goods will be cleared through the Canadian customs process in an efficient manner.

3. Storing the Product

We operate out of warehouses in Montreal Quebec, the Greater Toronto Area Ontario, and Calgary Alberta to cover all of Canada.

4. Preparing the Product

Our warehouse crew is experienced in handling the protocols required
for delivery, covering everything from labelling to reinspections (if
needed) as each warehouse is federally established.

5. Order Consolidation

As the vendor of record for the major Canadian retailers, Sora Foods specializes in consolidating products and distributing them to the major distribution centres on a weekly basis.

6. Delivering the Product to the Retailers

Our loads are delivered via Full or an LTL basis depending on the order volume. You can be sure Sora Foods will ship your products within all specific customer rules and regulations.

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Quality Assurance
Sora Foods ensures all loads are handled with the utmost care and attention from the supplier all the way to the product's final destination